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Why does it have to be living *or* dead? Can't I invite Schroedinger's cat to the party?
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I was about 7 when I started noticing inconsistencies and impossibilities in the Santa story. Now that I look back on it the amount of retconning that my parents did to plug the holes was amusing (e.g. "What if the house has no chimney?" "He has a magic key to get in the front door")

The final nail in the coffin, of course, was when my parents dragooned me into wrapping the presents for my siblings, and they likewise :)
[Error: unknown template qotd] Not much different. I'd keep running the frame shop till the money was all gone :-/

(seriously; I'd pay off debts, put a chunk aside for retirement/emergency, and invest a healthy chunk in the business to bring it to the next level...)
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If it's going to be mandatory, then we're going to have to seriously rethink how it's taught. I see a lot of posts to this subject basically saying "Yes! Childhood Obseity! OMGWTFBBQ!". Well, I'm an overweight adult, and I got this way BECAUSE of mandatory gym class, not despite it. Whether it's the sadism of dodgeball, the humiliation of being picked last for the team, or the frustration of being too clumsy to enjoy myself, gym class has pretty much RUINED my experience of physical activity. To this day bicycling is the only exercise I enjoy and I'm pretty sure it's because it's one of the few that was NOT tainted by my gym class experience.

I have a friend who does a lot of work in educating gifted students, and he's constantly pointing out the difficulties getting schools to attend to the needs of the gifted. My experience of gym class has been that it's primarily geared FOR the physically gifted. In my regular classes things would be repeated slowly multiple times to make sure most students got it. In gym class there'd be a quick rundown of the rules of the sport, then an immediate launch right into play. Great fun for those who "got it" right away, sheer hell for folks like me who didn't...
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I would have to say Armour Potted Meat Product. Every so often I'll pick up something from the Mystery Meat section of the supermarket (Spam, canned Vienna sausages, etc) just to see what it's like.

Now, I've got a pretty strong stomach and wide-ranging tastes. I actually think Spam tastes okay. It wouldn't be my first choice for my last meal, but if it's the only thing in the pantry I'll happily make lunch out of it.

Armour Potted Meat Product is a whole 'nother story. It's a meat paste that comes in a small can... kinda looks a bit like pet food, really. I managed to choke down only a couple spoonfuls of the stuff before I gave up. It's got a strong, VERY salty taste and a pasty consistency that just didn't go down very well at all.

Next day, it came out looking pretty much like it went in. That sealed it for me! Some foods I'll give a second chance to... not this stuff!

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