So Tam and I have been looking for space. She wants to be in Boston in a stable studio situation, and I've been wanting to move my frame shop and my life closer to civilization too.

A couple of days ago, Tam sent me a posting from Craigslist advertising 1500 square feet in Allston, on the third floor of a former firehouse, usable as live/work space. It's *right on* Harvard Ave, near the Sports Authority. The space is beautiful, it was a former gallery (though the guy mentioned "performance art" there were a number of sculpture stands around as well).

Thing is, the rent is rather a jump from what I'm currently paying for home & shop, and the utilities are NOT included. This could be a big deal this winter (It's heated by gas, and there's talk of possible gas shortages this winter). I'd also have to figure out the parking thing... I'll probably have to rent at least one space and figure out what to do with the truck... So the outlay would be a substantial risk. I *think* I can make it, especially if the shop starts making money.

So it's a risk/reward thing. Do I risk financial tightness (or even insolvency) if I stretch for it? The potential upside rewards are substantial: I'd be located much closer to a potentially large customer base (and closer to more competitors, that's life). Tam and I would be able to see each other much more often (that's been an issue as we've been trying to figure out our relationship), and I'd be closer to the Boston social scene (heck, I could even take to hosting OPN in my gallery eventually :) )

The guy who showed it to us was not the building owner, I guess he's a caretaker or go-between. I asked him to ask the owner what's the best he could do on the rent if we agreed to a three-year lease. I hope to get a call back tomorrow.

After we looked at the place, Tam and I went out to dinner (Island Hopper). Nice food! When the check came, the amount was exactly $42.00. That number has been a Sign in our lives... we're never quite sure of what, though. We had a similar 42 moment when we agonized over the mills in Holyoke and finally passed them up.

I'm still figuring out if I want to go through with this...

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