Oct. 15th, 2013

Join us this weekend for Natick Artists Open Studios! Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20 from noon to 5PM!

My business, Baldwin Hill Art & Framing, is proud to participate in this annual event. Once again our featured artist is Tamu, who will be showing works in a variety of media (she once had a solo show, and I overheard someone at the reception asking "Are all the artists going to be here tonight?" She's that eclectic!)

For those who have been to my shop before, be aware that we have moved to a new location. It's only about a block and a half from the old shop, but it's light-years better in terms of windows, light, access, and ceiling height. The new location is at 8 Court Street in downtown Natick, just off Main Street and across from the Middlesex Savings Bank side entrance. We're also just a hop from the Natick commuter rail station and parking is free on Sunday!

In other news: my business is in the process of raising money for needed improvements. Details are here but basically our move to the new location has increased visibility and demand, and some of our existing equipment is not up to the workload. The beauty of this fundraiser is that if you donate $50 or more you receive a gift card to our shop in the amount of your donation! If you've ever been "thinking about getting something framed someday" now would be a great time to get a gift card, show your support, and help us to the next level!

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