Jul. 22nd, 2012

Executive summary: we have a kickstarter project so we can prepare for and exhibit the next batch of Richard Powers artwork.

Background: Back in June, we had an exhibit of works by Richard Powers at our gallery.  Many of you know Richard Powers through his surrealistic SF book covers starting in the 1950s, but he produced a lot more work than that.  The June show featured several groupings of his fine art works; abstracts, travelogues, portraits, and small works.

These works came from the estate of Richard Powers; his daughter lives one town over from us.  There is much more where that came from, and this is where we need your help.  At one point he made forays into 3-D art by producing large shadowboxes.  These shadowboxes include paintings, small sculpture, and found objects.  Very few people even know about these, and we found no fewer than seven of them among the effects of the estate.

In order to do these and the other large works justice we will need to rent a satellite gallery.  In addition, many of the shadowboxes need extensive repair in order to be fit for exhibit.  We have started a kickstarter project with the goal of raising $3000; $1500 for the rental of the gallery and $1500 to help defray the expenses of repairing the shadowboxes.  See the kickstarter page for background and images, including a tantalizing preview of the shadowbox exhibit!

Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might be interested.  Thanks!

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