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Just a reminder that we're having a reception this Friday, June 1, for Richard Powers: Public & Private

Talented and prolific, Richard M. Powers  (1921-1996) was one of the most important and influential illustrators of the 20th century.  Best known for his surrealistic science-fiction book covers, he in fact worked in a variety of styles from abstract to illustration to portraiture.  During his long career he was commissioned to illustrate science-fiction book covers, children’s books, travelogues, magazine articles, and much more.

A number of works in the exhibit are signed “Gorman Powers”.  He used this signature to distinguish his personal work from his commissions.  The works we will have on display will include abstracts, landscapes, and portraits.  Many of the original works will be available for sale along with prints of selected works and posters from previous exhibitions.

A wonderful appreciation of Richard Powers, written shortly after his death by his good friend David Hartwell, can be found here.

Richard Powers: Public & Private will run from June 1 through June 30, 2012.  An opening reception is planned for Friday, June 1 from 5-9PM.  The artist’s daughter, Kathy Powers Sherry, will be in attendance to share memories of life with her father.  All are invited!

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